7 Secrets To Increase Your Sales


SCORE is offering this workshop for anyone who is starting a business or already in business and wants to improve their marketing plans for bigger success.

Stop struggling – 7 Secrets To Increase Your Sales.

  • Ever wonder what it really takes to make an extra $100K.
  • Are you feeling agitated, deflated or overwhelmed?
  • Does time seem to be speeding up?
  • Are you tired of struggling to achieve success in your business?

To the outside world we seem fine but on the inside we are struggling to keep it all together. Life is filled with a series of challenges and roadblocks to be overcome in order to transform your vision into reality. Although uncomfortable being stuck is necessary: it’s the only place from which you can define a new vision for your business, professional or personal life and use it as a springboard for success. But how do you get unstuck?

In this Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Learn 7 Secrets To Increase Your Sales.
  • Learn two techniques that will immediately increase your ability to achieve success and make an extra $100K.
  • Learn how to break through any psychological impasse immediately and get moving towards your goals.

This workshop is being presented by Sue Couslin. Sue is the owner of EZ Marketing, llc. She is also a SCORE mentor. Sue has over 30 years experience in sales/marketing.

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