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Workshops Blooms Business

posted in SCORE SUCCESS STORIES by John Roy

Steve and Sherri Wronski were in the flower business for over 30 years. They owned a flower shop in the Washington D.C. area where one of their specialties was designing and selling boxwood trees. One of their distinguished customers was the White House during Christmas time. Their business was so successful that it afforded them the ability to retire early and move to Volusia County to enjoy the great weather and life of leisure they worked so hard to achieve.

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02 Oct, 15

American Eagle Security

posted in SCORE SUCCESS STORIES by Webmaster

Before they started, they came to us.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss. Author
When one door closes, another door opens.

Alexander Graham Bell. Inventor of the telephone

These were appropriate feelings for Rick and Debbie Staly and their Palm Coast business, American Eagle Sentry. After being laid off, Rick and Debbie Staly built their own successful security business, American Eagle Sentry. American Eagle Sentry provides a superior level of security services with a concierge touch.

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01 Oct, 15

Home-based Biz overcomes death

posted in SCORE SUCCESS STORIES by Tom Hellman

ORMOND BEACH, FL — Eagle Spring Filtration is a water-filtration business that supports any residence or business that relies on municipally treated water. The company not only sells complete filtration systems in the U.S., but it also developed a simple, low cost filter for Third World nations in need of proper drinking water.

In 2010, owner Stephen Dann passed away suddenly. Stephen’s wife, Sharon, recognized the need to continue Stephen’s work and took over the business. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about the day-to-day operations and did not have previous business experience.

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02 Sep, 15

DeLand’s Inspired Bronze enjoying national exposure

posted in SCORE SUCCESS STORIES by Bob Koslow

After starting small, DeLand company enjoying national exposure

DELAND — When singers Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and the Black Eyed Peas held up their Vevo Certified Awards for millions of online fans, they displayed an award designed and made in DeLand at Inspired Bronze. “(Vevo) found us on Google. That just justified our efforts in building a quality website since most of our new business is by word-of-mouth and the Internet,” said Jackie Ramieri, co-owner of the small company along with sculptor and artist husband Matt Ramieri.

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03 Jun, 14

Before they started, they came to us.

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Maggie and Andy Bochnar are the owners of Maggie’s European Bakery & Café in Flagler Beach, a restaurant specializing in cuisine that reflects on their German, Polish and French upbringings.  They started their business from scratch and today are a successful small business that is growing steadily with many satisfied customers returning to their establishment time after time to enjoy their wonderful food and friendly atmosphere.

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14 Jan, 13

HEART STRINGS the dream of many people.

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ULRIKE ENTWISTLE embodies the dream of many people, especially those that have come to this country, have had to learn our language and upon their spouse’s death, find themselves left without any visible way to earn a living.  This is the story behind the search for self dependency, independence and becoming “one’s own person.”

In 2006, Heart Strings was conceived as a business that would fill a specific niche as a provider and fitter of products tailored to the special area of Women’s Breast Care.  With the growing statistic showing that 1 in 7 women is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, the potential for filling the need for being such a provider was certainly evident and desperately needed.

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07 Jan, 13

Local women help seniors find balance, avoid falls.

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But first they found SCORE.

Up to 50 percent of Americans over the age of 65 who live independently experience a fear of falling. For many, the fear is so strong that they may limit their activities. When activity is limited, mobility and independence may be reduced, affecting quality of life and actually increasing the risk of future falls. Isolation and depression can also intensify due to lack of interaction with family and friends.

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30 Nov, 12