Services provided by Chapter #87 to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business men and women in Volusia and Flagler Counties are as follows.

  • Initial Counseling: The core of SCORE’s activities is counseling. Usually two counselors meet with the client for the first time where they spend most of the interview listening, putting the client at ease and learning of their aspirations. Where appropriate, other counselors (having specific experience relevant to the clients needs) are brought in on any subsequent  meetings Counselors will be frank with clients when giving advice. With their business experience they know what’s possible. As an outcome of the initial meeting the following help will be provided as appropriate.

  • Additional Counseling: The chapter commits its resources to working with the client with continuing one on one counseling either at the SCORE office or, if appropriate, at the clients place of business. This as long as the client and counselors feel they are productive. 

  • Team Counseling: If a  multifaceted case presents itself the client will be offered team counseling, either at our office or at the clients place of business. Here we use a number of counselors to do a more in depth study. Several meetings will probably be needed to maximize the benefit of this approach.

  • In-House Computer: Software is available, together with hands on help, to assist the client in developing business plans, cash flow projections, profit and loss statements, etc. This information, whether developed here or elsewhere, on a computer or by hand, forms the basis for the counseling discussions. Also available is a spreadsheet  developed in conjunction with the SBA that the client can use to determine if his financial status makes him a candidate for a bank loan.

  • Business Literature: The Office has an extensive library of literature that focuses on the needs of the small business enterprise. It is provided to us by the Federal government (through the SBA and SCORE headquarters), Florida State government, and local governments. Most of this is made available to the client at no cost.

  • Workshops: Pre-business workshops are held each month in three locations, the Holly Hill office (386.255.6889), the Chamber of Commerce in Orange City (386.775.2793) and the Chamber of Commerce in New Smyrna Beach (386.428.2449).  For further details of these and other workshops see Workshops

  • "SCORE on the Road": Here  teams of counselors are taking to the road to bring help to busy small enterprises at their place of business. Industrial parks in the various townships and the county are targeted where businesses are introduced to SCORE and help is offered.

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