Owning your own business can certainly be rewarding in many ways but it can also present difficult challenges.  In today’s business climate the problems that you face can be numerous and complex.  The solutions are not always self evident, and you need someone you can turn to for objective and confidential advice-someone who has walked in your shoes.  SCORE’s core mission is to help you succeed and we are here to help you and an SBA study shows that businesses counseled by SCORE have a substantially higher survival rate.

SCORE’s counselors are experienced business people who have likely faced many of the same problems that you face today.  Common problems often include cash flow management, expense control, increasing sales or thinking through your business plan.   We can help by acting as your business advisor-someone you can go to confidentially, ask hard questions and be unbiased advise at no cost to you.

The most common way to get started is to talk to or meet with one of our experienced business counselors.  Call us at 386/25-6889 and arrange an initial telephone discussion or a face-to-face meeting in one of our local offices or at your place of business.  You can also request that an experienced counselor contact you by completing the simple form shown below.

Another excellent way to get assistance for your business is by participating in our free Workshops.  In addition to getting feedback from our Workshop leaders you will also have the opportunity to share experiences and suggestions with other small business owners in this area.  Please refer to the Workshop section on this web site for the Workshop topics as well as the dates and times they are offered.

Be sure to check out our National web site at where you will find a wide array of useful resources and tools that are offered to help you.

Contact us today and remember, our services are available to you at no charge and our discussions will be held in the strictest confidence.

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SCORE is a Resource Partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration