Volunteers Needed

Chapter 87 of SCORE is looking for a few good men and women.

Would YOU like to:
  • Meet and help a lot of interesting people
  • Contribute to the success of local entrepreneurs
  • Associate with other local career business people like yourself
  • Share your acquired business skills (and learn some new ones)
  • Contribute to your community’s economic development
  • Provide training through seminars and workshops
Do YOU have what it takes?
  • Real-world business experience – usually as a business executive, small business owner or in education
  • Some time to dedicate to helping small business
  • Urge to help your local community
  • Would like to use your current skills and learn new ones
  • Enjoy meeting and helping many interesting people
  • Would like to associate with people with similar interests
  • “Retirement is not a requirement” – about 20% of SCORE counselors are still actively engaged in running a business, or some kind of regular employment. An even larger percentage are active investors or part time consultants.
What is required to become a SCORE counselor
  • SCORE provides basic counselor training for all counselors.
  • SCORE provides a “code of ethics” and a “Standard Operating Manual” (SOM) as a guide for all counselors to assure all clients fair and equitable treatment.
  • You provide the business experience, knowledge, and skills!
How do you get started?
  • Easy – Contact us at any one of our locations indicating your interest in being a SCORE counselor.
  • Need more information??? – Check out the National SCORE Association Web Site.


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Counseling Request:
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